9 original and (mostly) non traditional gifts for Valentine’s Day


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Valentines day doesn’t have to be a tacky, “mushy, lovey dovey” day. Here are some original, out of the ordinary, fun, funny, whimsical gifts to help you spice things up. So here are my finds, and there are all made with love by Etsy sellers. 

Some guys just find it really hard to actually say – I love you so when I saw this card – it made me really laugh! I can totally hear my hubby saying it to me… 

You’re Okay I Guess, a card by emilymcdowelldraws
source: Etsy

I love paper dolls and paper goods so I immediately fell in love with this piece. It’s fun, it’s quirky, it’s environmentally friendly and it has just the right price. What else can you ask for?

My Heart – Valentine’s gift – Articulated Paper Dolls by Dubrovskaya.
Source: Etsy

And as long as we are on the quirky side of paper goods, I couldn’t ignore this poster. Typographically speaking it’s beautiful and we all have fun saying the “F word” from time to time, releasing some of our built up anger… Especially when it’s for such a good cause of expressing our love

POSTER – I f.cking love you by thebigharumph
Source: Etsy

And another super quirky find – funky, fun pillow, that I would love to receive. Such an original take on Valentines day! Make sure to check out the other pillows in this store. Soooo hilarious!!! 

Heart cushion by AUFSCHNITTberlin
Source: Etsy

These dog pillows are more on the traditional side, with that special something for animal lovers. How adorable is that, right?

Dog pillows by PillowHomeArt 
Source Etsy

Well, this one is a bit morbid… I must admit – not exactly my cup of tea, but it is beautifully made, and as described by the seller: “a unique sculpture depicting the bittersweet experience of love & loss as well as suggesting that love is what you make of it.”

Till Death Do Us Part (heart skull with anchor sculpture) by JoshHarker
Source: Etsy

And my last 3 finds – will be so useful for a romantic evening -starting with a warm bath, then cuddling on the cozy sofa, sipping Gourmet hot chocolate from fancy hand made red cups. And let’s face it, after all, this is what Valentine’s Day is all about!

BATH TRUFFLE gift set by TheSoakingTub
Source: Etsy
I just love the name “Bath truffles”, makes me want to jump into the bath right now!

Coffee Mugs Queen Anne’s Lace Design Minimal Kitchen Decor
Source: Etsy

Gourmet Caramel Hot Chocolate Mix
Source: Etsy
This looks so yammy!!!